Tuesday with Reggie and Riley

5 05 2009

Check out my boys!

Reggie's not so sure on Day 1

Reggie's not so sure on Day 1

Day 3 and we're doing a little bit better!

Day 3 and we're doing a little bit better!


Introducing Riley!

1 05 2009

Here’s our sweet puppy!




Tuesdays with Reggie

3 02 2009

Here are some pictures of Reggie trying to catch his fish on a string that WH is flinging around.




Return of Tuesdays with Reggie

20 01 2009

Yay!  I finally have collected some Reggie pics to share.  He has been so sweet to us since we had to leave him in the kennel for 2 weeks over Christmas and our honeymoon.  The other day I wasn’t feeling well and I was laid out on the couch.  He stretched out and snuggled between my legs and the couch cushions — SO CUTE!

Here he is joining me at my work station to make sure I stay on task with the blog.  Either that or he was just rubbing it in my face that he can nap anytime, anywhere…


The box he’s in holds printer paper… so it’s 8 & 1/2 x 11.  And he is a big cat.  He’s always been big, not fat, just a big cat.  So it’s hilarious to see him struggling to fit in this box!


In true feline form, he makes it work.

Tuesdays with Reggie & A “Recipe”

4 11 2008

**Because I feel obligated to say something about it today: GO VOTE — whoever you choose, make the choice and make it count. Lucky for me I got to do the whole absentee vote a few weeks ago. But if you have to stand in those lines, I’ll be thinking of you, just like I’ll be thinking of WH who is going bright and early to cast his vote before work. I will also add that I am so happy it’s election day. I’m tired of all the campaign crap. Now it will finally be over!**

Yay! Tuesdays with Reggie finally returns! This week it’s Reggie’s new favorite sleeping spots: In a little alcove of WH’s desk and underneath, next to the subwoofer.


And now the “recipe”. I put the word in quotations, because this is just a matter of seasoning. And we kind of cheated by using Mrs. Dash’s Steak Grilling Blend. WH and I received a little outdoor grille as a wedding gift and we’re really into using it. We christened it with steaks along with fresh green beans and baked potatoes.


For the baked potatoes:

  1. Preheat oven to 400F.
  2. Bake until soft.

For the steaks:

  1. Season both sides and grill until WH says it is done 😉


For green beans:

  1. Snap ends off (reminded me of helping my grandfather snap the beans from his garden).
  2. Cut to desired length and steam over boiling water until soft.
  3. Toss with a little olive oil and the same seasoning blend used on steaks.




Tuesdays with Reggie

16 09 2008

Reggie’s Favorite Places

Behind our lovely vertical blinds.

In the guest shower

On the back cushion of the loveseat

My desk.