Important Updates

28 04 2009

I’ve had a good run of posts for the past several days and I’m happy about that!  There are a couple more to come this week, but as you will notice, there have been no Tour posts.

I’m not abandoning it at all, but the past month has been very busy for WH and I.  As I mentioned, we have bought a house and it’s moving a long fine, but it does take up some time.  We are planning/shopping for some renovation projects, shopping for a new washer/dryer, preparing for home repairs and keeping the termites from eating our house!

As if our life isn’t hectic enough, we adopted a dog!  We’re really excited about this, but of course this means a lot more of my time and attention being devoted to something other than my blog (the horror!).  As you know, we have a cat and we want to make sure they are introduced properly and get comfortable with each other and that the dog feels safe and secure while both WH and I go to work each day.  We’ll be picking up our new pet later this afternoon and I can’t wait to post pictures!

On a side note, I am having to take a break from Barefoot Bloggers recipes as well.  I’ll try to pick up in May again as well (if they don’t kick me out!).

I hope to pick up the Tour again in May, but Closing on the House may get in the way of that.  I’ll keep you informed.  In the meantime, I’ll continue with my normal recipe posts as I have time.  Thanks for following!




2 responses

28 04 2009

congrats on the house and the puppy!

29 04 2009


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