Roasted Potato Wedges

27 04 2009

The final part of my multi-dish meal: potato wedges.  This one comes from Pioneer WomanRoasted Potato Wedges is probably the only recipe of PW’s I’ve made because she does things that I think are kind of complicated.  I’m just not up to par with her yet!  But this one I could totally make.


Clearly from the pictures, I cooked mine a little too long.  So go look at PW’s pictures instead because they are beautiful.


Since you can basically make these babies anyway you’d like, I sprinkled with minced garlic and paprika then topped with chopped rosemary when done.



I loved them even with their little over-cooked edges.  Delish.





5 responses

27 04 2009
Recipe man

yummy this looks so good
im lucky enough to have rosemary growing in my garden

27 04 2009

Looks fantastic and such a great color on the potatoes!

30 04 2009

This looks fantastic! I love lots of color on my potatoes! I don’t think you over cooked them at all!

21 06 2009


I just stumbled across your blog this evening (goodness if I remember how, the internet is a dark, dark series of blackhole-like tubes) but I just wanted to let you know that I like it a lot! What a great idea with the Tour and all. Also, don’t you just love Pioneer Woman? I’m not going to lie, whenever I read her posts and see pictures, I’m overcome with kitchen envy. Her cinnamon rolls aren’t really that complicated (they are a bit of a time investment, but really not that complicated) and are SO worth it. to.die.for.

anyway, great job on the blog!

21 06 2009

HI — Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy my blog. I have been neglecting it as of late for several reasons but am hoping that those reasons will disappear very soon. I took a look at your blog too and it’s really great as well. I have already bookmarked a few recipes. Your life seems very interesting and I plan to return to your blog to figure out just where the heck you are blogging from and how you got there… I hope that doesn’t sound creepy!! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy in the future!


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