Tour Recipe #1 – Stuffed Shells

25 03 2009


Warning: I did not do this recipe justice.  At all.  Be sure to check out Niki’s original post here.


Stuffed shells are new for me and as such, I failed.  This was definitely an execution problem solely on my part.  It has huge potential, as long as you don’t screw it up.  My main problem was that the type of cheese I used did not melt like it was supposed to for a cheesy sauce. I also cooked the pancetta too long 😦  WH didn’t think these were too bad, but I was just so disappointed by how badly I had messed this up.


Please visit Niki’s blog and see a successful posting of this dish!  Here’s why she picked it as one of her favorites:  “Now these are anything but healthy (well there is a ton of spinach) but the creamy sauce and salty pancetta really makes these shine.”

WH helps to stuff the shells

WH helps to stuff the shells




One response

25 03 2009

so sorry these didn’t work for you!

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