Barefoot Bloggers – Chicken Piccata

7 03 2009


I’m so proud of myself!  It’s the beginning of the 2nd week of March and I’ve already cooked both Barefoot Bloggers recipes!!  Yay!  I really liked the choices this month and was excited to try them.  I made Chicken Piccata first because I’ve made a version of it before and thought it would be easy.

The chicken part was, but the sauce part I ruined completely.  I mean there was no salvaging it. I didn’t pay close enough attention it basically all cooked off.   So WH and I ate the chicken without sauce.  Not bad, but I definitely missed the extra flavor and moisture the sauce would have provided.  I did make a side dish that I’ll share in a later post: Confetti Corn, also from Ina.imgp2720

Anyway, another delicious recipe from Ina Garten.  Thanks to Lindsey of Noodle Nights and Muffin Mornings for choosing this dish!  The recipe can be found in Barefoot Contessa At Home and here.




4 responses

7 03 2009
Joie de vivre

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! One can never go wrong with an Ina recipe. I love her! I haven’t seen this one yet, but I’m a new fan of Ina’s. I can’t wait for your next Barefoot recipe!

7 03 2009
Joie de vivre

Poked around your site a little…was HOPING to see pics of your French inspired kitchen! I’m looking to re-decorate mine…it’s so…eh (shoulder shrug) Will you share? 🙂

12 03 2009

I’m so sorry to hear about your sauce, your chicken looks great though! Thanks for participating this round and hopefully you get to making this with the sauce in the future…it really was delicious!

14 03 2009

Too bad your sauce cooked away! Mine was a little too tart, so I would cut back on the lemon next time.

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