Barefoot Bloggers — Spaghetti & Meatballs

18 02 2009


Well, this recipe for Real Spaghetti (I used fettuccine) and Meatballs  was interesting for me.  I had a really good time making it.  The recipe was very easy and yet made me feel like I was really accomplishing something great in the kitchen.  That seems to be a recurring theme with many of the Barefoot recipes.

So I really had a good time cooking, but I just wasn’t into the taste.  I don’t why, but I just didn’t enjoy the meatballs.  I liked the sauce okay, but couldn’t eat the meatballs.  I think I like a smaller meatball and I probably have a preconceived idea of what meatballs taste like and this wasn’t it.


WH seemed to enjoy the recipe although he did say it “tasted like a recipe Barefoot Contessa would make”.  I’m not sure what the means but he makes that comment a lot.  He isn’t the biggest fan of Barefoot Contessa (I swear he’s a good person!)


Anyway, thanks to Rebecca of Ezra Pound Cake for choosing this recipe, which you can find here.  I really did enjoy cooking this meal, just unfortunately didn’t enjoy eating it.  Oh well, you can’t win ’em all.




2 responses

18 02 2009

Comfort food at its finest! Yum!

19 02 2009

Your meatballs look great! I will try to get you the avatar code by the end of the week.

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