Garlic Knots

5 02 2009


I baked fresh garlic rolls!!  I saw a recipe on Annie’s Eats back in November and put it on my list of recipes to try for a time when I felt a lot more comfortable with baking fresh anything-that-required-yeast.  I was inspired by Karen @ Loves to Eat who told me about her first time baking bread.  Her story gave me to confidence to try these rolls the other night.

Letting the dough rise

Letting the dough rise

Like some of the Barefoot Bloggers’ recipes, I always thought “classic” dishes or recipes from scratch would be so difficult.  Really, for me, the hardest part is being patient.  You have to give yourself a lot of time and be prepared to wait for these delicious rolls.  They are so well worth it.

Dough rolled out to form knots

Dough rolled out to form knots

WH and I both LOVED these rolls and ate the leftovers for several days.  I truly recommend the recipe; please see Annie’s blog, as I believe she found it on another blog and adapted it.  I followed her recipe exactly and everything worked out perfectly.  Enjoy!

Knots ready for the oven

Knots ready for the oven




2 responses

5 02 2009

These looks delicious! I liked these knots and made them for Christmas!

5 02 2009

Mmmm…these sound great! I love garlic and it’s so good for you…so that makes this bread good for you, right?

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