Pappa Al Pomidoro – Barefoot Bloggers

23 12 2008


Oh!  I’m early with my BB post!!

I have to admit, when I was buying the ingredients for this dish, cooking it, and answering WH’s question of “what is it?” I really had no idea.  I still don’t know what Pappa Al Pomidoro is, but I do know it is delicious.  This was a really fun BB dish that I didn’t expect.


I realized after making Coq Au Vin and this soup that I was very wrong about a lot of the “classic” dishes Ina Garten usually prepares.  I honestly thought cooking them would be really difficult.  But, I learend that it’s more the length of time that is difficult rather than actually preparing the meal.  The steps are fairly simple and even the ingredients aren’t too difficult to find.  It’s just that the dishes often take 40+ minutes in addition to the prep.


I find it kind of relaxing.  After rushing to get the ingredients together, it’s nice to just hang out and wait for the flavors to mingle for 45 minutes.  Sure I always wish I’d started cooking sooner, but the end result is totally worth the wait.


I truly recommend this dish as it was incredibly delicious.  That’s really all I can say about it.  Delicious.


You can see the original recipe here.  Thanks to Natalie of Burned Bits for choosing this amazing recipe!


I do have to make one last comment about a favorite kitchen gadget I now own.  It’s the one touch can opener.  IT IS FANTASTIC.  You seriously just push a button and the thing opens a can.  You can walk away and not pay any attention to it.  Done.  Open.  I’m in love!





2 responses

23 12 2008

Looks wonderful and perfect for the winter!

23 12 2008

I’m glad that you too were kind of not sure what to expect with this. It sounds like a soup but not entirely. I can’t wait to try it! I’ll be a little late with mine cause of the holiday, but I can’t wait to try it after your glowing review!

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