Chicken Saute with Apples

17 12 2008


You know, there are some foods/dishes/meals, that just don’t photograph well.  This is one of them.  The recipe itself is actually delicious; who doesn’t love apples and brown sugar??  I found this recipe on Fun, Crafts and Recipes, host of Four Foods on Friday.  If you’ve ever visited this site, you know there aren’t any pictures and usually no dialogue to go along with the recipe.  Just simple step by step instructions for delicious meals.

imgp2374 imgp2380

This recipe caught my eye because of the apples.  I’ve recently discovered how wonderfully fabulous the pairing of meat and fruit can be.  I had to give this recipe a shot and while it isn’t the prettiest thing you’ll ever see, it is pretty darn tasty. You can find the original recipe here.





2 responses

17 12 2008

The more comforting the food, the uglier it is – lol – I think it’s a good thing!

17 12 2008

I make something like this with pork chops. I love the apple, yumm!

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