Apple Cranberry Oatmeal Muffins

16 12 2008


Since college, I have had a small love affair with cranberries.  Mostly in juice form with vodka 😉  But now I can say I actually love cranberries themselves.  A few weeks ago I went to my work holiday party.  We had it at the office around brunch time so everyone brought breakfasty items.  I decided to bring muffins, my favorite blueberry from the box and then I planned to make a second kind of muffin.  The recipe I decided on is one I have been saving for a while.  I found it on Annie’s Eats a couple months ago and decided the holiday party would be a good time to try them out.


Cranberries are another ingredient I have never used, and I’m so glad I tried them out.  The tartness is  really delicious and I enjoyed these muffins a lot.  Although the recipe says it yields 10 muffins, I was able to make 12.  You can find the recipe on Annie’s blog.





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