Four Foods on Friday (58)

5 12 2008

#1. Does your family usually eat meals in the kitchen or somewhere else? Our apartment kitchen is not big enough to be eat-in. We have a small table that sits near the kitchen, but we usually end up eating at the coffee table. I can’t wait to have a real kitchen/dining table!

#2. Who usually does the dishes in your house? Whoever does not cook, does the dishes. Sometimes we tag-team them 😉

#3. What’s your favorite small appliance or tool in the kitchen? I really love my food processor. It has two buttons: pulse and chop. It makes quick work of so many tasks — fabulous.

#4. This one’s for my son. Share a recipe for chili. I think I’ve shared this before, but it’s the only one I’ve got. Here you go!




2 responses

6 12 2008

Finally! Someone who doesn’t put beans in their chili! The squash kinda puts me off of this recipe, but I’d tather that than beans!

26 06 2013
What I learned from Four Foods On Friday 58 : From Val's Kitchen

[…] Amy shared her recipe for Speedy Improv Chili. […]

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