Spicy Teriyaki Kabobs

6 11 2008


I love grilling! Well, I love watching WH grill. And eating the stuff he grills. I’m actually not a huge fan of fire — haha but I did learn how to get the coals hot in the grill this time. Anyway, when we were returning duplicate registry items, we decided to pick up some kabob skewers. This was more exciting for me than it should have been. BUT I’ve never made girlled kabobs before so cut me some slack okay?

pb030231 pb030234

WH really enjoyed making these as well; you’ll see him doing all the prep in the pictures. WH is such a good sport πŸ˜‰


To make the “recipe” a little easier on ourselves, we just used a bottled marinade, a la, Mrs. Dash. Yes, it would seem I’m obsessed. But really I just had coupons for her stuff and there are some evenings I need a quick recipe. I chose Spicy Teriyaki marinade because I know WH likes Asian flavors sometimes and I am not the hugest fan, as I’ve said before. But I figured Mrs. Dash Asian would be a good compromise.


So the “recipe” is simple. Just some peppers, onion, chicken and pineapple. YUM. All was marinaded (minus the pineapple) and then we put our kabob’s together. WH put them on the grill. We did have to finish the chicken in the oven to avoid undercooked meats. I believe next time we will pre-cook the chicken in a pan about halfway and finish them off on the grill. I mean, the smoky flavor from the grill was AMAZING. You cannot recreate that in any other way, as far as I’m concerned.

pb030248 pb030251

Spicy Teriyaki Kabobs

Stuff you need:

Really, whatever you want. Our choices:

  • Red & Green Bell Peppers
  • Onion
  • Chicken
  • Pineapple
  • Marinade, you already know our choice

What to do with that stuff:

Um, whatever you want. Our steps:

  1. Chunk all the ingredients.
  2. Throw all (minus pineapple) in resealable bag with marinade for 20 to 30 minutes.
  3. Build your kabob.
  4. Grill.
  5. Finish in oven if necessary.
  6. Enjoy!

*We also cooked up some rice πŸ™‚ Simple, and yet… Heavenly.




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