Happy (Late) Halloween

1 11 2008

It’s probably just as well that I am a day late posting about Halloween. On my list of favorite holidays, Halloween is last. I am not a fan. The only thing about Halloween that I enjoy is carving pumpkins (or punkins, as I playfully like to say). I have never enjoyed Halloween. I mean the candy was great when I was a kid, but the costume part I do not get into. I think I don’t like things that allow someone to hide themselves. Like those characters at amusement parks, the people in the big dog costumes or whatever. I hate those things. I have this need to see people’s faces when I interact with them in person. Like, if you are touching me I need to see your face. So I think Halloween is kind of the same. I know you aren’t a pirate, or Jason, or a slutty bunny (well, that might be true), so just show me who you really are. Also not a fan of scary things. I haven’t watched a truly scary movie in years and I even had to stop reading thriller/suspense books, especially about murderers and rapists and all that stuff. I love the stories, but the details started keeping me up at night. I basically decided sleep, and my sanity, were more important than the quick thrill of the novel, movie, or TV show. I just can’t handle it, lol.

So yeh, not a fan of Halloween. But as I said, I love the pumpkins. WH and I went to a pumpking patch and picked out two large pumpkins and one small. We carved them a few nights ago and sat them on the porch. I also toasted pumpkin seeds which I’ve never done before. The pictures came out crummy and neither of us really enjoyed them. They weren’t bad, just not fantastic.

I’m beginning to sound like Debbie Downer as far as Halloween goes. I really don’t hate it and I don’t think you’re crazy if you love it. It’s just not my favorite. Oh, and I was bummed we didn’t get trick or treaters. I think little kids dressed up as a princess or a lion are really cute.

So please enjoy these pictures of our awesome pumpkins πŸ™‚ WH did the VT one and I did the other two. The smaller one is for Reggie πŸ˜‰




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