Wedding Wednesday

24 09 2008

I don’t really have much to say about the wedding today.  I have gotten a lot done, I still have stuff to do, and I just want the day to be here!  I am very very excited but I am definitely one of those people who has a hard time waiting for exciting things to happen.  That’s probably one of the reasons WF and I have been engaged for exactly 4 months today.  And in 2 weeks, we’ll be married — YAY!

There are still things to iron out, like the fact that our DJ said he’d be in touch several weeks ago and I still haven’t heard from him.  Same with the caterer.  I’m trying not to freak out.  The bridesmaid dresses came in and from what I can tell from a few pictures, they are looking fabulous.  I can’t wait to post pics on here after the big day.  I just wish the big day were closer.

Onto another topic I have been seriously considering — I think I want to move from to a web host so that I can have a little more control over what I put on my pages.  This blog has gotten bigger than I ever imagined a lot faster than I thought possible.  So I want to have my own site like a lot of other blogs I love reading.

I’m just wondering what anyone knows about it — is it difficult to set up and maintain.  What about design and content?

Any ideas/comments would be helpful.  Look for another recipe post soon!




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