Tuesdays with Reggie

16 09 2008

Reggie’s Favorite Places

Behind our lovely vertical blinds.

In the guest shower

On the back cushion of the loveseat

My desk.




4 responses

16 09 2008

Oh he is so cute!! Love his little white paws. =) Your s’mores recipe looks fantastic – hope you stay on the mend, too!

17 09 2008

Thanks Kate! S’mores were definitely good but we needed more people to freed. I wish everyone I knew would just move down here and eat what I make 😉

17 09 2008

Haha, I would definitely take you up on that if it were possible! I would LOVE being near someone who liked to cook (and could do it a whoooole lot better than me)….

17 09 2008

He’s so cute! I can’t get enough. My cats love some of the same places in our house. Especially behind the blinds! They wake us up in the morning by rattling their way behind them in the bedroom.

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