Four Foods On Friday (46)

12 09 2008

#1. Egg salad or deviled eggs. How do you prepare?

Neither.  I really don’t like eggs that much.  I’ve never had egg salad and I don’t like deviled eggs.

#2. French fries. Do you make homemade or frozen?

I’ve never made my own, but definitely want to.  I love french fries.  We bought frozen waffle fries once — so good!

#3. Gravy. What do you use – homemade, jar, can or from a package?

I’ve never made my own gravy before.  I think my mom has used all of the above: homemade, jar, can, package.  I loved them all.

#4. Share a recipe for a hot (temperature, not spice) dish.

Check out my previous post for Speedy Improv Chili!




7 responses

12 09 2008
Tina Kubala

I cheat big time on chili – we use a chili starter made by Bush’s Baked Beans. All you do it brown some ground beef and add a can of diced tomatoes

12 09 2008
Fun, Crafts and Recipes | What I learned from Four Foods On Friday 46

[…] Amy, who shared a recipe for Speedy Improv Chili […]

13 09 2008

I’m all about improvising recipes to fit my tastes & ingredients available. I think I’d like your chili without the squash. Squash in chili just feel … wrong!

13 09 2008

You don’t like deviled eggs??? I wish you were at my house for the holidays so I would get to eat more deviled eggs. LOL jk

14 09 2008

I’m up for almost anything, but I agree with Skeet that squash in Chili is just kind of wrong. Haha. Double the beans though! I love beans.

15 09 2008

Thanks to everyone who commented!

Tina: That sounds so quick and easy. I’ll have to give that a try on one of my lazy-cook nights!

Skeet & Corrin: I know squash seems strange in chili, but the original recipe was for a Veggie chili. I think they were stacking the recipe so you didn’t feel like you were missing any meat 😉 WF and I really like squash in a lot of different foods, so I kept it in. To each his (or her!) own.

Karen: I get strange looks from a lot of family members when I tell them I don’t like deviled eggs! But they love having more for themselves, just like you 😉


27 06 2013
What I learned from Four Foods On Friday 46 : From Val's Kitchen

[…] Amy, who shared a recipe for Speedy Improv Chili […]

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