Tuesdays with Reggie

9 09 2008

I promise I’m not making fun of “Tuesdays with Dorie”. I don’t have the cookbook and don’t feel like my cooking/baking skills are quite up to par with the TWD crew at the moment.   So for me, it’s “TWR”.  Reggie is our cat. 🙂




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9 09 2008

Aw, he’s so cute! All the males in your house have red hair, ha. Anyway I saw this link in your facebook a while ago so I thought I’d say hi. This is amazing; I’m impressed. I still hate cooking, after almost five years of marriage.
Sorry we didn’t get to come to your shower on Saturday – we’d committed a looong time ago to go to my old roommate’s wedding. It sounds like you got a good haul though! =)

10 09 2008

Your cat is adorable. He looks very much like my orange tabby, Sawyer! Love the oragne tabbies. I call Sawyer my “executive chef” cause he always hangs out in the kitchen while I’m cooking.

10 09 2008

Thanks Kate! I guess I do love redheads! I’m glad you found the blog — you should try some things. A lot are so easy and of course a lot I totally screw up, but I always learn how to make it better the next time.

We missed you on Saturday but I’m excited that yall are coming to the wedding. We’ll see you then!!

10 09 2008

Thanks Lisa,
My Reggie is not so helpful in the kitchen but still a cutie. Thanks for stopping by!

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