Four Foods On Friday!

5 09 2008

Found this fun little thing here. Expect it every Friday!

#1. Artichokes. Love em or leave em?

Depends. I have had really delicious chicken-pesto-artichoke pizza and artichoke dip, but that’s about the extent of my artichoke experience. I’ll say love em, as long as they are mixed with other good flavors.

#2. What’s your favorite kind of bean?

I don’t eat a lot of beans because WF is lame and hates the texture. So my favorite kind of bean is sort of silly. I really really love baked beans. You know, with some bacon and brown sugar. OMG love.

#3. Share a recipe for any kind of cake.

The only cake I’ve made from scratch thus far is Red Velvet, which turned out pretty good. Here’s the link to the recipe

#4. What’s your favorite dairy product?

CHEESE. Especially extra sharp cheddar. And white cheddar, provolone, mozzarella, parmesan, fontina, asiago, romano… Also cream cheese and cottage cheese. I just really love cheese!

And that’s that! Have a great weekend!




2 responses

5 09 2008

OMG, I love this website/blog, whatever it is….I will be trying some of your receipes and I have learned so many things about you that I did not know….just looked at your red velvet cake….pretty good for a first timer….you were pretty brave….I would have probably left out the food color….don’t like messing with that stuff……but I guess it doesn’t look right w/o the food color…anyhow i am a lover of cream cheese also… probably get your love of cheese from your father’s side of family, cause i love cheese also will try just about any kind of cheese (except limberger, it stinks)! Anyhow I am at work, so I guess I better be going….keep the receipes coming….love the pictures and text……PS song we danced to at our wedding (19 yrs ago) was “Color My World” by Chicago (i think) anyhow nobody really liked the song, but I did not care……..I picked it anyway:) Take Care and keep it coming:) See you tomorrow night:)

5 09 2008

Thanks Julie! I hope you enjoy the recipes you try. Feel free to pass the site along to others 😉 And I’ll have to check out that song – thanks!

See you this weekend!!

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