Lucky Me!

27 08 2008

I’m back in SC trying to find my old routine. My mom left this morning and I’ve been working on laundry, grocery shopping, and thank you notes. Last week I had two bridal showers which were so fun! I’ve got a lot of fun Pampered Chef items coming my way as well as a variety of other registry gifts, including some for the kitchen. Can you say YAY!

Another fun update involves a blog called Blake Makes. I signed up to be a “Sooper” Hero which is free and means you can get free stuff to try out in the kitchen as well as enter to win prizes. Well, my first contest entry ended up a winner! I’m so thrilled!! I will soon be the happy owner of these awesome dipping spoons from The Spoon Sisters. This contest was great (not just because I won) because I remembered to check out the spoon sisters website and bought like a million things. I strongly suggest you check out and




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